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            Guangzhou Legend-Global Technology Co., LTD. is the youngest member of our family group, but the most modern one. We cooperate with top medical schools across United States, Canada, and China. We have deeply studied the field of cancer treatment and precision medicine. Through the analysis of unprecedented big data, Legend-Global Technology has already explored some areas of human life and provided personalized healthcare services to our customers in China. In addition, we specialize our profession is in localization of foreign advanced technology, as well as providing professional service for CFDA registration, and regional product promotion. We globally unite the top specialists from the fields of life science, bioinformatics, and biotechnology to construct a global healthcare community. We are a certified business related to medical devices, diagnostic products and reagents, business distribution, as well as an importation and exportation business.

            The current developed technology includes: Microfluidics Lab-on-a-chip Single Cell Bioanalyzer (SCB), Telepathology Consultation System, and etc.

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