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            On July 19th, 2017, a professional scientists and researchers team from Canadian R&D headquarter came to visit Guangzhou Legend-Global Technology and our independent clinical laboratory.

            This research team focused on the topic of “microfluidics single cell analysis on tumor cell multi-drug resistance” for more than 6 years. They invented and developed a clinical instrument called “single cell bioanalyzer, (SCB)”. It is used to detect the sensitivity and resistance of tumor cells against chemotherapeutic drugs or regimens. SCB assists doctors in optimizing chemotherapy regimens and relieving unnecessary pain of patients. SCB utilizes the advanced microfluidic technology to separate and fix a single tumor cell. But also it is able to simulate the human body microenvironment to avoid interferential factors of other normal cells. SCB has the ability to provide accurate detection reports to doctors.

            Once we introduced this technology to the doctors from oncology department, they agreed that the technology is very promising. Doctors asked very detail about SCB and they are willing to try its effect.

            This Canadian research team came to Guangzhou branch laboratory to train our technicians. Dr. Avid Khamenehfar, a research director from the team, said that our technicians are more than competent for the performance of the whole process of SCB and they have professional data analysis skills.

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